Faculty Grade Entry Training and Support

Learn How to Enter/Load Grades Using Faculty Grade Entry - There are various options to learn about the New Faculty Grade Options.

Videos/Job Aids

You will need to review the appropriate video depending upon how you are going to enter grades. You can enter grades manually, by exporting grades from Blackboard, using your own or Faculty Grade Entry generated spreadsheet.

  1. Manual Grade Entry: Learn how the manual grade entry works. Video      Job Aid

  2. Extract Grades from Blackboard:
    1. Preparing your Course for Grade Extraction: Learn how to set up, or calculate the extract column:
      1. Adding or Deleting Column in Grade Center - Learn how to create or delete a Grade Center Column.       Video       Job Aid
      2. Creating a Grading Schema - you will learn how to create a grading schema in the Blackboard Grade Center. Grading schemas are especially helpful when grading tests or assignments on a curve.       Video     Job Aid
      3. Frequently Asked Questions about Blackboard Grade Center     Grade Center FAQ 1: Why do I get an Invalid Data Error when uploading my spreadsheet?      Job Aid
        Grade Center FAQ 2: How can I export Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grades?       Job Aid

    2. Exporting Grades from Blackboard - you will learn how to use the Export Grades feature in Blackboard. The Export Grades tool will create an Excel file with your students' grades ready for import to Banner. Video      Job Aid

  3. Import Grades from a spreadsheet (Faculty Grading, Blackboard or your own): Learn how to create and load grades using the new process.
    1. Import Blackboard Spreadsheet or Personal Spreadsheet - you will learn how to import a spreadsheet with final grades into faculty Grade Entry.    Video      Job Aid
    2. Export Faculty Grading Spreadsheet - you will learn how to export the default grading spreadsheet where you can manually enter grades.                  Video      Job Aid
    3. Import Faculty Grading Spreadsheet - you will learn how to import the default grading spreadsheet on which you have manually entered grades.       Video      Job Aid

  4. Exporting a Validation Report after Loading Grades: You can export a validation report to have a copy of the grades that are loaded into Banner.              Job Aid

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